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Pricing Questions


Why do you charge so much?

Simple answer: Time is valuable, and the skill it takes to create functioning works of art is not easy. Mystic Creatures from LiveJournal did a fantastic job of compiling all the expenses it takes to making a suit.  Take a look through their journal and hopefully the answer will be clear; our suits are rather under-priced. Journal HERE


Do you offer discounts?

On occasions; every once in a while a sale price will be announced either here on our website or any number of our social media outlets. Keep a sharp eye!


Do you accept payment plans?

Yes, in fact, it is expected for commissions over $150.  All payment plans require a 30% down payment to be considered an accepted project.  This down payment is non-refundable if materials for the project have already been purchased.  As for the remaining balance on a commission, those payments vary between commissions and are discussed via email or Facebook Messenger.  A full payment of the commission is needed to consider the project complete and ready for shipping.


What is the difference between an Estimate and a Quote?

An Estimate is a close approximation for the details provided.  This number is obtained from the estimate form found here on the site.  It can be used for basic planning purposes as well as comparing against another builder's price.

A Quote is the actual price to be paid for a given project.  This number can only be obtained by contacting the builder directly via email and is only valid for 90 days from the date it was given.  To accept a quote and to begin the project (or if project list is full, to keep it on hold in the wait list), the down-payment must be made.


If I submit a quote, do I have to commission you?

Not at all! Quotes are great for getting the exact price for your project for those who are serious about commissioning FOK!  within the next 90 days without fear of losing any money.  If you happen to find a better deal else where, no worries on your end. If FOK! happens to be the better deal, great! Simply reply to the e-mail and notify us that you wish to begin along with a payment plan option that would work best for you, if any.

What if I already bought all the materials? Can you make me a suit from what I've already bought?

Although it would seem like a smart idea, having purchased the materials means we cannot fully guarantee the outcome. We make sure the materials purchased are of good quality and come from reliable providers.  We do hate seeing folks waste their money so we will do our best to work with what you already have, but do know that if we do not find it of satisfactory quality, we will need to replace the items, thus costing you a bit more in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions


There are many questions individuals have about what FOK! does, how things work, what can and can't be done. And because trying to answer common questions on a daily basis takes time out of the busy work schedule, this page will have to do. If there is a question not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact FOK!

Building + Time Questions


How long does it take to make a fursuit?

Depends on the project really. More colors, more complex design, full suit verses partial suit. Many factors involved, however a standard full suit with about 3 colors and a simple design can take about nine (9) to twelve (12) months, assuming we have all information and materials needed.


Can I have my suit done by [convention/event name]?

Depends on when you are asking to start. Is it a full suit and the event is in 2 months? Most likely not. Is it a partial suit and the event is in 6 months? Chances are looking good.   However, if we say a project can be done by a certain deadline, it does not mean your project will be for sure done by that deadline.  There are always set backs, like incomplete information or changes to design, or even personal problems with the builders that must take them away from the shop for long periods of time. Thus, we cannot guarantee a project to be completed by a certain deadline.


Do you have a specific color for my suit?

Not always, many fur providers only make a handful of colors and designs and thus we can only do our best to accommodate color requests.  If there is a color that cannot be matched, we will discuss the options and how to proceed.


How do you build your heads?

Our heads are built as a foam base mask on a balaclava. The form is then taped and patterns are made from the tape for the fur. The fur is all hand sewn together and carefully attached to the head. The fur is then trimmed, shaved and brushed and, if design permits, a zipper is added in the back for a snug fit and easier removal.


Can you build a head around glasses?

Unfortunately, no. We understand many individuals require vision correction, but due to the nature of how the heads are constructed, glasses are an expensive item that would greatly interfier with the outward design, structure and durability of the head. On top of that, it is likely the glasses would become bent, warped, twisted or damaged from wearing a head, especially during intense moments of activity.  For these reasons we must decline any works that require heads to be constructed around glasses.


Do you work with resin masks?

As of right now, we do not!  We can for future orders, but we do caution anyone wanting to go this route, as we cannot fully guarentee the outcome.


What are digi-footpaws/digi-hooves?

Digi-footpaws is an FOK! special design footpaw/hoof made entirely from the ground up. No pre-bought shoe is used and is designed to allow the wearer to almost literally walk on their toes. Much like a pair of high-heels, but without the heal support, and much more comfortable.  The design is more in-depth and built specifically around the commissioner's feet.  Walking in a pair of digi-footpaws is a bit awkward at first and do take some time getting use to, but like a normal pair of shoes, they do get more comfortable over time.

Allergy Questions


Do you work around pets?

Yes, we work around both cats and dogs. We do our best to keep them away from many of the materails, but sometimes they can sneek behind our backs. If pet allergies is an issue, please let us know BEFORE starting the project so that we can take extra measures to prevent any problems in the future.


Do you work with latex?

Not on a regular basis. When working with toxic chemicals for mixing resins and silicons, we do use latex free gloves. However, we cannot be certain that some of the tools we work with have latex handles or a latex coating. If you think latex may be an issue for your project, please let us know BEFORE starting the project so that we can take extra measures to prevent any problems in the future.


Will grass/tree/plant pollen be a problem?

Unless you are highly sensitive to these allergins, this should not be a problem.  However, having windows/doors open at times can bring these things into the work envoirnment. If plant allergies might be an issue, please let us know BEFORE starting the project so that we can take extra measures to prevent any problems in the future.

Warranty + Repair Questions


Do your projects come with a warranty?

Yes, FOK! offers an exclusive lifetime warranty that goes into effect after 90 days of shipment of completed project. The first 90 days is a full coverage warranty. More details can be found in our Warranty linked below as well as our Terms of Service page


I live internationally (outside of the United States) and need a repair, how can I do this under warranty?

International repairs are a very tricky situation. Because Customs Fees are rather steep for such pricey items, FOK! can only afford a one way shipment. This means, in order for FOK! to do the repairs, you will need to pay for shipping the item to FOK! including customs fees.  FOK! will cover the cost of the return once repairs are made.


I had a friend fix [item / problem], is my suit still covered under warranty?

Yes, however the warranty does not cover the repairs done by your friend. Now, if the repairs ultimately alter, change, or require a rebuild of such items, this does void the warranty entirely.  If you have questions about what would void the warranty of the entire project, please contact us and ask first before having the fix done by your friend or another builder.


I purchased a suit from someone else that was made by FOK! Does the warranty still apply?

Yes, however only under the conditions that Furred Out Kreations! was made aware of the change in ownership before the purchase. FOK! will not cover any damages that might occur due to shipping and/or packaging issues.  FOK! will gladly make repairs, if necessary, under warranty.

General Questions


What's the best way to reach FOK!?

E-mail or Facebook Messenger. There is also a phone number available, however texting is recommended. If calling, expect to leave a message and include name and number for a call back.


Do you offer pre-mades for sale?

On rare occasions, however much of the work done is strictly commissioned. Every once in a while though, we may make a tail or two for sale to help deplete some unused/unwanted supplies.


Can I rent a suit for an event/convention/weekend?

No. Many, if not all, suits are custom made for each individual and there is no guarantee the suit you wish to rent will fit.

Can you build a head around glasses?

Building around a pair of glasses can be done, but for FOK! it is a tricky matter. All heads are built on a balaclava base that could cause discomfort for the suiter or possible damage to the pair of glasses.  Because of this, FOK! does not make special accommodations for glasses within the head and will not be held liable for any damages that may be incurred by wearing one of FOK!s products.

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